New BBC Earth Experience attraction narrated by Sir David Attenborough and inspired by Seven Worlds, One Planet

Marvelling at macaws at the BBC Earth Experience credit:Bang Showbiz
Marvelling at macaws at the BBC Earth Experience credit:Bang Showbiz

The BBC Earth Experience is opening its doors this month and will feature exhibits dedicated to the ground-breaking TV series 'Seven Worlds, One Planet'.

The brand-new immersive experience - which is produced in partnership with BBC Studios, Moon Eye Productions and Live Nation - is narrated by Sir David Attenborough and will be open to visitors from March 30 at The Daikin Centre in Earl’s Court, London.

The attraction will feature three breakout zones, allowing audiences of all ages to interact with the natural world, in a unique new way with footage from the iconic BBC Studios Natural History Unit television series 'Seven Worlds, One Planet'.

The experience will be housed in a new 1608m2 demountable venue and feature hundreds of multi-angle screens, along with interactive rooms - welcoming visitors to journey through the natural world and explore the extraordinary biodiversity of the Earth’s seven unique continents.

The BBC Earth Experience offers a truly epic journey for all the family to enjoy.

Visitors will explore the wonders of planet Earth on a microscopic scale in the Micro Life room and then be immersed in the spectacular drone footage on the Vista Stage.

A journey down to the ocean floor in the Water Life room will then allow visitors to interact with life below the waves. As they make their way around the experience and lose themselves in the natural world, visitors may encounter a few extra surprises, so those afraid of creepy crawlies should look out for the warning signs!

After visitors have explored the mesmerising landscapes and endless oceans, and have met their extraordinary inhabitants, they will hear a special message in the Earth Room from David Attenborough, inspiring everyone to think about what they can do in their daily lives to protect the amazing planet.

The BBC Earth Experience has been designed with sustainability at its heart. The building and its contents use materials that can be recycled, reused, or given a second life - embracing a circular economy.

The production projectors use the latest LED energy efficient technology, powered only by renewable energy and the screens are made of cotton, which will be repurposed after use.

There is also a focus on biodiversity through the outside spaces, with plants and insect houses to attract more than 40 different species to populate the gardens. Rainwater will be harvested in the external spaces and used within the gardens to help maintain the health of the plants throughout the year and to reduce potable water consumption.

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