BBC EastEnders character 'killed off' in heartbreaking scenes as defiant death bed wish made

BBC EastEnders
BBC EastEnders -Credit:BBC


EastEnders has killed off a major character in heartbreaking scenes as traumatic storyline drew to a close in dramatic fashion.

When Eddie and Gloria Knight made their entrance to the BBC soap over the festive period, viewers predicted that they'd been hiding a 'dark secret' from adopted son George. Some fans thought it was to do with his ex Cindy, but those theories proved to be wide of the mark as it instead was revealed that Eddie had killed a man when George was a teenager, with George then left distraught at finding out that the victim was actually his real dad, who'd come back to the UK to get him, having given him up to Eddie and Gloria as he and his other half struggled to raise their child.

That all came to light after Eddie had asked George to speak up in support of him at his trial, with Gloria then betraying her husband by siding with George and sitting in the gallery as George instead supported the prosecution's case against Eddie and attempted to get justice for his biological father.

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At the end of Wednesday's episode, George rushed to Gloria's side as she collapsed outside court, after suffering a massive heart attack, with him then finding out that there was nothing doctors could do to save her. In her final moments, which aired in Thursday's EastEnders, Gloria and George had a moving conversation, in which she told him how proud she was of him and then gave him her dying wish - that rather than being buried beside Eddie she wanted to be 'free' of him and cremated instead.

The same episode saw Eddie convicted and put behind bars to spend the rest of his days, as well as a twist that saw Dean Wicks framed for Keanu's murder, as viewers celebrated the two villains getting their comeuppance