BBC EastEnders fans call for character's return amid another icon's comeback

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EastEnders enthusiasts are buzzing with speculation about the potential comeback of a much-loved character.

Back in the day, 2003 to be precise, Scarlett Alice Johnson graced our screens as Vicki Fowler on the BBC One drama. As the offspring of the notorious Dirty Den Watts (portrayed by Leslie Grantham) and Michelle Fowler (played by Susan Tully), Vicki certainly shook things up in Walford with her memorable, albeit brief, appearance.

Vicki was at the centre of some juicy plots, not least mirroring her mum's teenage pregnancy saga. She even had viewers talking with her curious switch from an American twang to a British accent during her time on the show.

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But after a whirlwind of nearly two years and 194 episodes, Scarlett waved goodbye to the square in 2004. Vicki left for the States to be with her mum and later joined Spencer Moon down under, where they're reportedly running a bar, reports the Daily Star.

Yet, whispers among the fanbase are calling for Vicki's dramatic return to Walford, although it seems there's one gripe fans can't overlook.

BBC EastEnders fans call for character's return amid another icon's comeback -Credit:BBC

A Reddit user recently pondered: "Anyone else miss the watts in Eastenders only one left is Sharon maybe they should cast more distant Watts family I wouldn't mind seeing Vicki returning." (sic).

Fans have been quick to weigh in, with a strong vote for Vicki's return - though many hope she'll drop the American twang. One viewer commented: "I think bringing Vicky back could be good. As long as they don't try and make her do an accent she'll be fine. But it's been so long they could even bring in a new actress.."

Another fan concurred: "Bring back Vicki! Just without that accent."

Someone else speculated: "I'm thinking she's going to make an appearance next year at some point for the 40th anniversary."

Should Vicki re-enter the world of EastEnders, she'll be in the company of soap icon Chrissie Watts, who is set to make a dramatic comeback this year after a 19-year hiatus. The buzz has been high since it was recently confirmed that Chrissie will be back for a brief spell, though the details of her return are shrouded in mystery - but one thing's for sure, it's going to be explosive.

Tracy-Ann Oberman, who's reprising her role as Chrissie, shared her excitement: "Chrissie Watts was such a great character to play - a victim or a villain. She is a real fan favourite so, when Chris Clenshaw asked me to come back and re-visit her and see what has happened in the last 19 years, I jumped at the chance. The scripts are fantastic and I hope the viewers enjoy her as much as I am enjoying playing her again."