BBC EastEnders Ian Beale's suspicious behaviour in mystery revealed

EastEnders is set for hard-hitting scenes next week in Walford as Ian Beale drops a shocking bombshell
-Credit: (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Ian Beale's secret is on the brink of being revealed in EastEnders, following his suspicious actions in recent episodes.

The peculiar behaviour of Walford's businessman this week has raised suspicions, with Cindy and their son Peter becoming increasingly concerned that Ian is concealing something. Dismissing their questions, Ian informs his family that he's making another run for council, but they're not convinced.

Adam Woodyatt's character, Ian, heads off to a supposed council meeting, but Peter remains sceptical and decides to investigate. After contacting the council, Peter discovers his father has been dishonest and demands an explanation.

Ian's odd behaviour persists into the upcoming episodes when he plans to depart the Square for a supposed leadership training course in Manchester, according to the Daily Star, reports OK!

He informs Cindy she can't join him, which only sparks more queries. Intrigued, Cindy takes a sneak peek into Ian's suitcase, curious about her partner's activities on the BBC soap.

Believing that Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) is shielding Ian, Cindy confronts her with her worries and interrogates her. Kathy retorts with some advice, prompting Cindy to directly question Ian and ask if he's having an affair, which he strongly denies.

However, Cindy later uncovers another clue that sends her suspicions skyrocketing, and she asks George Knight (Colin Salmon) to drive her to a mysterious address.

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Peter later discovers Cindy's location and, in a bid to uncover the truth, he borrows Martin Fowler's van and tails them.

Elsewhere, Bobby Beale is equally intrigued and, feeling left out of their dad's drama by Peter, he secretly hops into the back of the van.

While it's still under wraps what Cindy and George stumble upon at this address, Peter and Bobby make their appearance just as they're confronting Ian, escalating the tension.

Back home, an exhausted Cindy struggles to sleep, worn out by the recent events. Eventually, she decides to confront Ian, but she's in for another surprise as her partner has more news to share.

Distressed by their conversation, Cindy seeks solace at The Vic with a drink where she finds comfort from Peter. But what secret is Ian keeping? EastEnders fans will have to tune in to see how the drama unfolds from Monday, July 15.

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