BBC EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt's three stone weight loss after cutting out one thing

-Credit: (Image: Graham Stone/REX/Shutterstock)
-Credit: (Image: Graham Stone/REX/Shutterstock)

EastEnders legend Adam Woodyatt has wowed fans with his dramatic weight loss, having dropped a remarkable three stone by cutting out one key element from his diet. The 55 year old actor, renowned for his role as Ian Beale, has been gracing Albert Square for nearly four decades since his first appearance in 1985, earning him the status of the longest-serving cast member in the show's history.

With over 3,000 episodes under his belt, Woodyatt has become a beloved fixture on the BBC soap, captivating audiences with numerous significant storylines. In 2021, Woodyatt took a break from EastEnders and embarked on an impressive weight loss journey, losing three stone.

He shared the secret to his success with The Mirror, attributing his transformation to giving up alcohol: "Basically I gave up alcohol. That was the biggest change I made."

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He continued, explaining the positive cycle that ensued: "With giving up alcohol, the weight drops off and because the weight dropped it was easier to cycle. So it was easier to stay fit. But at this point in my life, yeah, I'm quite happy not drinking. And the result is I've lost about three stone in weight."

Woodyatt has also spoken candidly about his decision to stop drinking during an episode of The Nightcap podcast, citing health concerns as the catalyst: "It was a health thing.", reports the Daily Star.

He elaborated on the events that led to his lifestyle change: "I went into the hospital with a stomach issue and they pointed out my liver was probably taking a bit of a hammering. They said, 'Look, give your liver a rest for six weeks, we'll do some tests.' Then Covid happened and six weeks became 12 weeks."

"And I thought, 'Do you know what - I've cracked this, I don't miss it, I'm better off without it' and I thought, 'That's it!"

He continued: "I'm not going to say never again, but at the moment no alcohol and it's fine. But I still like smelling it, especially rum. I'm not so good on whisky."