BBC Eurovision hit by 'car crash' complaints within seconds of grand final starting

Eurovision Song Contest 2024
Eurovision Song Contest 2024 -Credit:BBC

The UK's coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest was hit by complaints within seconds as Graham Norton's opening words couldn't be heard. His microphone appeared to malfunction within seconds of the grand final starting on BBC One at 8pm on Saturday night as his very first words couldn't be heard by viewers at home.

The presenter addressed the error moments later, telling fans: "I think there might have been some problems with my mic at the beginning. So Graham Norton here saying welcome to Malmo and the 68th Eurovision Song Contest."

Unimpressed viewers commented on X, formerly Twitter. One wrote: "It’s gone wrong already. That’s got to be a record. #Eurovision2024.

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A second commented: "Great start in the UK, Graham Norton’s mic not working. # Eurovision2024." Another said: "Well, if the start of #Eurovision2024 is anything to go by it might be a car crash. Not being able to hear Graham isnt a good start."

Another asked: "Oh dear. Has Graham's voice over c****** out already? #eurovision." One fan mused: "Northern Lights f****** with #Eurovision2024.

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 begins in Malmo, Sweden. Entrants from 37 countries across the globe have been competing throughout the week, but after two semi-finals, they've been whittled down to just 25.

Sweden - this year's host country - automatically qualified for the final after its entrant, Loreen, was crowned the winner last year with her song Tattoo. France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK will also be performing tonight, having always had a guaranteed spot in the Eurovision final.

Joost Klein, the Netherlands' delegate, has been disqualified from the final after a backstage incident. Spokespersons for Finland's and Norway's juries have also pulled out, with Finland's Kaarija saying giving out the points didn't feel "right".

The theme this year is "united by music" and it's the seventh time Sweden has staged the contest.