BBC Gardeners' World's Monty Don wows fans with 'transformation' in Longmeadow garden

Monty Don
-Credit: (Image: Monty Don Instagram)

Gardeners' World star Monty Don wowed fans as he showed off a 'complete' transformation of his Longmeadown garden. The green-fingers presenter has created a new lawned are called The Long Walk.

He sowed the lawn on May 15 and today said: "Transformation comple." Fans rushed to compliment the beautiful addition to his large garden, despite Monty admitting there were plenty of problems along the way.

In February, he said: "When it was not actually raining it was muddy, with constant flooding. We were forced to dig up the whole of our Long Walk and lay perforated drainage pipes to try and take away and spread some of the rainwater from our buildings as other parts of the garden were literally saturated and the fresh water had nowhere to go."

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Fans were loving the new area. Jonathanboakes said: "Beautiful." Daddiodad commented: "Wow! So satisfying to see it finished."

Paulineleader wrote: "Beautifully green." Brandtboldingphotography agreed: "That is so great!"

Brooklynplantstudio commented: "That didn't take long at all!" And Paulestwick added: "Phenomenal, what a lovely part of your garden such a change."

Monty lives in Herefordshire with his wife Sarah. He explained: "I live near a little town called Leominster in Herefordshire, near the Welsh border. We moved here 30 years ago because it was sufficiently far from London to be outside any commuter belt, and therefore affordable, and because my wife Sarah's parents and her extended family lived in this part of the country."