BBC Homes Under The Hammer's Martin Roberts 'in tears' after woman shares 'dying wish' with him

Martin Roberts was left 'in tears' while filming the show -Credit:ITV

A BBC Homes Under The Hammer presenter was left in tears while filming the show, after a woman shared her 'dying wish' with him.

Martin Roberts, who has hosted the show for 18 years since it began in 2003, opened up about how the best part of the job is getting to meet and help people.

The property expert revealed he and the camera crew were left in bits after one episode saw him helping the family of a terminally ill woman.

Opening up about how the show has helped people "through difficult times", he recalled that emotions on the programme are "often running high" according to reports in OK!

"There's times when it really hits home how much the show becomes a part of people's lives," Martin said. "There was one time we were in a house in Stockport and I was talking to this lady as to why they bought this property and this lady said, 'My mum was terminally ill, and we watched Homes Under the Hammer in the hospice together.

Martin has hosted the show for 18 years since it began in 2003
Martin has hosted the show for 18 years since it began in 2003 -Credit:BBC

"And our mum said to us, I'm going to die, we know that, that's just a fact of life and death."

Martin continued during a chat with the Express: "But when I do, obviously you know I'm going to be leaving you some money, and I want you to do what this man is telling you', - pointing at me on the television.

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"So, I was in this house in Stockport which they had bought with her then-deceased mum's money that she left them and the lady said 'mum was inspired by you and we've been inspired by you and we were just, we are here doing what mum told us to do and it feels very special for that."

"So I'm in tears, the cameraman is in tears, the director is crying her eyes out. 'Oh my god. Wow'," he added.

The Homes Under The Hammer team delve into properties needing massive refurbishments or complete development.

Alongside other stars, Martin collaborates with local estate agents to provide home valuations, followed by an auction and sale price.

Next, buyers suggest renovations to the home, sticking to a predetermined budget, and viewers get a peek at the impressive renovations being done.

After the work, another estate agent gives an updated value of the property, hopefully showing a drastic increase.

On top of filming for Homes Under the Hammer and managing his own rental properties, Martin also runs a YouTube channel - Martin Roberts' Property Titbits.

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