BBC Homes Under The Hammer's Tommy Walsh shares cancer update and new treatment

Tommy Walsh has told how his cancer came back, but new treatment has 'worked really well'
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Homes Under The Hammer favourite Tommy Walsh has opened up about his cancer returning, but thankfully, a new treatment has been highly effective. The 67 year old BBC television personality faced cancer for the third time earlier this year, having first battled it in 2004 and then again in 2022.

However, he's now seeing positive results as the cancer is in retreat. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he shared: "My cancer came back earlier this year ... they found it again under the lung."

He underwent a cutting-edge treatment known as SABR, which is a form of targeted radiotherapy. "So I had to have this new treatment called SABR and what it is is radiotherapy which targets it to an exact spot without damaging the organs around it."

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The treatment has been successful, with Tommy saying, "So they used that and it shrunk. It is now not anywhere else. It is going away.

"Because it is shrinking it will shrink down to nothing and disappear. I will then just have to have annual checks. It has worked for me really well."

Tommy also recounted how fortunate he was that the cancer was located "just outside his lung", which was less serious than initially feared by doctors. Reflecting on the potential severity, he explained: "They thought it was in the lung and then I would have been in trouble."

He detailed the invasive surgery that could have been necessary if the situation had been worse: "Surgery would have been serious where they cut you open and take a big lump of bone out of the rib and then they would have to put a piece of metal mesh in to stop the lung falling out of the hole."

Thankfully, the SABR treatment proved to be a success, sparing him from pain and more drastic measures. "So I did not want but we had that as a backup. The SABR treatment has worked and I am healthy so I have not been in any pain."

The Ground Force alum, who has three children with his wife Marie, praised the NHS for their role in his treatment, saying they "sorted it out". Tommy expressed his gratitude, saying: "I was treated on the NHS. That is where I go. They have sorted it out and it is a great".

He continued to show his support for the service by adding: "I would always go to the NHS. They have looked after me throughout this whole cancer shenanigans so why would I want to go somewhere else."