BBC's Jon Kay denies he is King's French butler as Sally Nugent laughs over lookalike

'I've had the weirdest weekend since this went out.'

Watch: BBC Breakfast hosts in hysterics over royal doppelganger

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BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent was left in fits of giggles over footage of King Charles' trip to Paris that appeared to show her co-star Jon Kay waiting on the monarch.

News anchor Kay was stunned by the uncanny similarity between himself and the butler on the King's recent trip to Paris, but Nugent couldn't stop laughing as they watched back the clip on Monday's show.

Kay said he had even been contacted by viewers wondering if there were some sort of special effects at play as he looked so much like the member of staff at the Elysee Palace.

What, how, and why?

Is this Jon Kay's doppelganger? (BBC)
Is this Jon Kay's doppelganger? (BBC)

Jon Kay has located his doppelganger — and surprisingly, he is working as a butler at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

On King Charles' recent trip across The Channel, most of the talk was about his speech in French, but eagle-eyed viewers thought they had spotted BBC Breakfast host Kay moonlighting as an upper class waiter at a dinner the King attended.

Kay and his co-star Sally Nugent looked back over the footage on Monday's show, laughing at the unbelievable likeness between them.

BBC Breakfast,26-06-2023,Jon Kay, Sally Nugent,BBC,James Stack
Jon Kay and Sally Nugent are BBC Breakfast co-hosts. (BBC)

Nugent began to giggle as she said: "Jon Kay at the Elysee Palace with the King!"

Kay admitted: "I've had the weirdest weekend since this went out. I mean, it really does look like me, doesn't it? It's freaky."

As they watched the waiter clearing drinks for the King and the other guests, he joked: "Doesn't just look like me, nicks other people's drinks like me."

Nugent laughed even harder as she said: "He even moves like you! Jon, I expect this sort of service when I arrive at Breakfast in the morning."

Jon Kay's doppelganger appeared on a clip of King Charles in France. (BBC)
Jon Kay's doppelganger appeared on a clip of King Charles in France. (BBC)
Even Jon Kay could see the resemblance. (BBC)
Even Jon Kay could see the resemblance. (BBC)

Kay said that the butler looked so much like him, he had even been receiving messages about the clip with viewers asking whether there was some elaborate explanation for him appearing in the footage.

An astonished Nugent asked: "Are you sure you weren't in Paris?"

Kay told her: "I promise, it wasn't me. Although some people thought it was some kind of green screen or special effects. It wasn't me. I promise."

What else has been happening on BBC Breakfast?

Nugent isn't the only BBC Breakfast presenter to have been hit by an attack of the giggles on air recently.

In another episode, Naga Munchetty laughed so much at CCTV footage of a pigeon flying into a man's head that she said it left her sweating.

The man was caught on CCTV walking along a street when a pigeon flew into the side of his head and had told the BBC: "It was like being whacked full pelt with a feather pillow."

Naga Munchetty and Ben Thompson couldn't stop laughing. (BBC screengrab)
Naga Munchetty and Ben Thompson couldn't stop laughing. (BBC screengrab)

Munchetty and her co-star Ben Thompson could not control their laughter as the clip played on repeat and Munchetty was left wiping away tears as she said: "I'm sweating. You know you're not supposed to laugh at these videos and it makes you laugh even more.

"We're going to have to get make-up in to sort this out."

Thompson added: "I love that we can see it from every angle...It's better than some of the filming we do."

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