BBC MasterChef's Gregg Wallace hit with accusation from fans as Leeds woman wins after kitchen fire

Leeds woman Abi set fire to the MasterChef kitchen
Leeds woman Abi set fire to the MasterChef kitchen -Credit:BBC

MasterChef returned on Tuesday night with another four hopefuls in front of Gregg Wallace and John Torode.

But fans of the BBC cookery programme said the hopefuls were a bit hopeless tonight and implored Gregg and John not to send any of them through.

Leeds United fan Abi was an early favourite, and she admitted she even missed the mighty Whites in action at Elland Road to get a chance with Gregg and John

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She told viewers: "I am a massive Leeds United fan. I missed a game for this."

But it wasn't a great start for Abi, who burnt her first steak and onion dish - and set the kitchen on fire to boot.

"I'm glad the first cook is over. I set the kitchen alight which wasn't a great start," she admitted.

The others made dishes with carrot and banana for their efforts, none of which went especially well either.

Her beef and three types of onion dish was burnt in a kitchen fire, but Abi marched on together with her fellow contestants as the quintet were asked to make brunch for Gregg and John.

Gregg Wallace on MasterChef tonight
Gregg Wallace on MasterChef tonight -Credit:BBC

The brunch task involved cooking 'the perfect poached egg', but each of the four made some mistakes, including a lack of Hollaindaise sauce.

Viewers weren't terribly kind about the four's attempts, telling John Torode and Gregg Wallace they should have sent all four of them home because they can't poach an egg.

Unfortunately, they had to keep two at the halfway point, and kitchen burner Abi from Leeds and Ben were chosen to receive an apron.

@nissanjuke23 said: "send them all home #MasterChef"

@arlenehwycombe said: "Honestly how are these contestants chosen I could do better than them & I'm useless #Masterchef"

@clm2071 said; "Never mind poached eggs and hollandaise, I strongly suspect Kimli has never cooked anything before #MasterChef"

@sandrastubbs14 said: "Why can’t people poach an egg, I can do it in the time it takes to toast the bread? It’s my favourite lunch. #MasterChef"

@heatherwing01 said: "How is avo on toast with a poached egg even a challenge #Masterchef? Is it me, or is that a pretty low bar?"

But John and Gregg gushed over Abi's prawn dish and said they were 'really impressed'.

John Torode said: "She's done lots of things and done them very well."

Gregg added: "Abi is going through my friend."

Abi was put straight through, but fans accused Gregg of 'fawning over' the chef and playing favourites between the contestants.

@kieramania said: "Not Gregg fawning over Abi at every given opportunity."

@lally55p said: "Possibly the editing but what a difference in the way Abi & Ben were “encouraged”, speaking pleasantly to her, shouting at him #masterchef"

@clm2071 said: "None of those 3 would have even got to this stage last week #MasterChef"

@ariadne_reviews said: "already absolutely obsessed with Abi and the fact she sounds like she's been put into this whole situation against her own will. #MasterChefUK"

Abi goes through to the quarters with carrot specialist and archaeologist Tatiana.