BBC MasterChef's Gregg Wallace and John Torode hit with 'humble' drama in semi-final row

Scottish car sales manager Tom on Masterchef
Scottish car sales manager Tom on Masterchef -Credit:BBC Masterchef

MasterChef returned on Thursday night with another six hopefuls presenting their dishes to Gregg Wallace and John Torode.

In the first challenge of the episode, the homecooks were asked to make a dish from their choice of “humble ingredient”. Greg Wallace said he wanted the cooks to take a “basic, everyday ingredient and turn it into something brilliant”.

But fans of the BBC cookery programme were left questioning their choices - claiming that some of the chosen ingredients were “#NotHumble.”

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While some of the semi-final contestants chose what could easily be considered as everyday items - LuLu and Conor chose chicken, Dinta picked lentils, and Laura chose eggs - Rawdon opted for scallops and Tom chose pork fillet, both of which raised some eyebrows with viewers.

Viewers took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to argue with the ingredient choices: @pablodiablo74 said: "My humble ingredient is pork fillet". Erm, #NotHumble #MasterChef”

@GPBinNL wrote: “"What's your humble ingredient?" "A pork fillet". I think my definition of humble is somewhat different to some of these #MasterChef contestants.”

@Sam_5516 added: “People on this program are like: "Ok guys, my humble ingredient is truffle covered in edible gold." #masterchef #masterchef uk.”

@macdv99 said: “In whose world is scallop a basic ingredient? Masterchef.”

Only three of the six contestants were lucky enough to make it through to this week’s quarter final with LuLu, Tom and Dinita all bagging themselves a place. Sadly, the other three contestants were knocked out of the competition and sent home.

And some viewers seemed to take quite a liking to the only male quarter finalist, scottish car sales manager Tom, who cooks at home for his wife and three daughters.

@HoraceOflaherty wrote on X: “Scotts bloke can cook. All he needs is a kilt and he would have an instant female fan club #MasterChef.”

Maggie Gordon-Walker tweeted: “@mgordonwalkerI would like Tom’s dishes, yes please, thank you very much. And he’d be more than welcome to share it with me. #MasterChef.”

@GaryJHorrocks said: “Tom can knock up a Caesar dressing for me any time #MasterChef.”

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