​​BBC revamps its platforms with new graphics to 'join dots' between them

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The BBC has introduced updates to its idents (BBC)
The BBC is updating its idents. (BBC)

The BBC has announced a brand overhaul to create "instantly recognisable" connections across its entire service.

The rollout will see all channels, streaming service iPlayer, podcast outlet BBC Sounds and education arm Bitesize given a new look from tomorrow.

The new images, graphics and idents are intended to cement the BBC brand and "join the dots" between each of its platforms.

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The new logos are made up of different coloured dots and blocks.

It’s hoped the new look will mark a new start for the BBC brand, with other modernisations being put into effect in due course.

Kerris Bright, BBC’s chief customer officer, said: “Over the coming months we will be modernising all aspects of our services so the experience feels coherent wherever you access our content.

The BBC has introduced updates to its idents (BBC)
It’s hoped the new look will mark a new start for the BBC brand. (BBC)

“We’ll join the dots between the different bits of the BBC through simplified layouts and graphics. For example, BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds are already evolving to help our audiences discover more of what’s available.

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“There are plenty of little changes designed to make a big difference and we’ll introduce them gradually across our services.

The BBC has introduced updates to its idents (BBC)
The new logos cover all of the BBC's news, services and broadcasting arms. (BBC)

“iPlayer and Sounds will continue to change over the next six months and beyond, while News, Weather, Sport and Bitesize will follow after that.

“As we update our digital services it makes sense to modernise how we present them too. Updated, recognisable colours, logos and graphics will identify each service and help improve navigation between them.”

The BBC has introduced updates to its idents (BBC)
The imagery aims to 'join the dots' between the BBC's platforms. (BBC)

It was added that all services, including the Sport and Weather, will also be given this “distinctive look” with hopes that everything will be easier to use.

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She added: “It will be unmistakably BBC, just like our content.”

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