BBC newsreader Simon McCoy mocks Boris Johnson over bus making hobby

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CHESTER-LE-STREET, ENGLAND - MAY 30: Boris Johnson MP walks past the battle bus during a visit Chester-Le-Street Cricket Club as part of the Brexit tour on May 30, 2016 in Chester-Le-Street, England. Boris Johnson and the Vote Leave campaign are touring the UK in their Brexit Battle Bus on a campaign hoping to persuade voters to back leaving the European Union in the June 23rd referendum. (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

BBC newsreader Simon McCoy has mocked Boris Johnson's revelation that he makes buses for a hobby.

The aspiring Prime Minister revealed in an interview with Talk Radio that his hobby is to paint wooden crates to look like buses.

After showing the clip on the BBC News at One today McCoy said: "Wonder what he writes on the side of it... [cough]." McCoy's quip can be seen in the below Twitter post.

Johnson is renowned for the Brexit bus he rode around the country during the EU referendum campaign claiming 'We send the EU £350 million a week, let's fund our NHS instead'. A statement which has since been proved to be false.

Twitter users have branded 57-year-old McCoy a "legend" and a "National treasure" for his remark.

Actor Alex Andreou wrote: Simon McCoy - National Treasure."

Journalist Tim Montgomerie tweeted a link to the clip, captioned: "The legend that is @BBCSimonMcCoy"

Johnson, 55, said in the interview: "I get old wooden crates and then I paint them and I turn them into a bus and then I paint the passengers enjoying themselves on the wonderful bus."

An effort was made to prosecute Johnson over the false claim made on his Brexit bus, but it was thrown out by two high court judges earlier this month.

Businessman Marcus Ball brought a private prosecution against Johnson after raising more than £200,000 in a crowdfunding campaign to finance legal action over the claim.

A lawyer representing Johnson told the court in May that Ball's application is a "political stunt" and that the businessman wants to "undermine the referendum result."

His lawyers said in a statement: "For the avoidance of doubt, it is denied by the Claimant that he acted in any way improperly or dishonestly. Public debate about the accuracy or otherwise of the £350m continues to this day."

Ball said "this is not over."

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