BBC The One Show's Alex Jones takes over as co-star issues apology

-Credit: (Image: BBC)
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

The dynamic duo Alex Jones and Roman Kemp were back on our screens for The One Show on Thursday, July 11, after the programme had been sidelined the previous evening due to the Euros 2024 semi-final, which saw England triumph over the Netherlands.

England secured their spot in the final on Sunday, July 14, against Spain, thanks to a late winner in Berlin, edging out the Netherlands with a 2-1 victory. As the show kicked off, an elated Roman struggled to contain his jubilation.

Welsh presenter Alex greeted the audience with: "Hello there it's Thursday, and you're watching The One Show live on BBC One and iPlayer with Roman Kemp and Alex Jones."

She then engaged Roman, who was visibly buzzing as he exclaimed: "I've got to say it, what a result for England last night at the Euros, come on! Feels like it's coming home."

Alex probed further, asking: "Well, you were there, weren't you? " to which a slightly bashful Roman confessed: "I haven't been to bed...," but quickly corrected himself before apologising: "I have mum, sorry."

The One Show presenters Alex Jones and Roman Kemp -Credit:BBC
The One Show presenters Alex Jones and Roman Kemp -Credit:BBC

Alex, ever supportive, promised to cover for him during the show, saying: "I've got it, don't worry, I've got it," before announcing the evening's guests, which included the stars of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, as well as Jenna Coleman from the BBC's new drama, The Jetty.

The conversation on the show quickly turned back to football, with presenter Jermaine Jenas chiming in from Germany via video link. He teased: "I hope we all get to say those magical three words on Sunday that I'm not going to be saying right now, but fingers crossed."

Back at the studio, an enthusiastic Roman couldn't resist: "Ah, do you know what? I'm going to say the three magical words, it's coming home."

Alex playfully scolded him: "There you are you've done it now," to which Roman replied: "Come on, you've got to get behind them, the whole country is invested."

Curious about Roman's plans for the big game, Alex queried: "Are you going back to see the one [game] on Sunday? " prompting Roman to offer a light-hearted apology to his mother.

"I might be, I haven't told my mum, sorry," he confessed. Roman Kemp, widely recognised as the Capital FM breakfast show host and a finalist on the nineteenth series of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, hails from a family of celebrities.

His father, Martin Kemp, made his mark both as a member of Spandau Ballet and as Steve Owen in EastEnders, while Roman's mother, Shirlie Kemp, gained fame in the 80s with Wham! and as half of the duo Pepsi & Shirlie.

The One Show continues on weeknights at 7pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.