BBC The One Show's Roman Kemp apologises to rugby star over 'graphic' moment

Roma Kemp
Roma Kemp -Credit:ITV

The One Show's Roman Kemp has taken to Instagram to apologise and issue a "graphic content" warning following an incident where he dislocated the fingers of rugby icon Shane Williams during a charity football game. The radio host defended his actions, describing his tackle as "firm but fair," and gave his 1.4m followers a detailed account of the mishap.

Last weekend Roman and Shane competed against one another in a match organised for the benefit of two charities: Joseph's Smile and The Bradley Lowery Foundation. A star-studded team of celebrities and former athletes from both nations faced off at the Stadium.

Highlighting a number of pictures of the incident, including one showing Shane's finger gruesomely bent out of shape, Roman warned his followers about the "graphic content" as he said: "Played a wonderful charity match recently and came up against Welsh rugby legend Shane Williams."

His post included the quote: "Safe to say the tackle was firm but fair. His finger however... take a look.", reports WalesOnline. Roman jokingly referred to the incident as a career highlight for Shane, saying: "A career highlight for @shanemwilliams. Sorry mate."

Followers reacted to the post with a mixture of humour and concern. One person wrote: "This was definitely an owch moment! ! ! Thank you so much, Roman, for playing in our Wales v England game. It was a great day, broken bones and all.... ". Another follower expressed their sympathy, saying: "Funny but not funny, he must be in pain. I hope it heals quickly."

Shane also poked fun at the situation by calling Roman a "bully" in the comments section. Shane discussed the event on the Sportin Wales podcast. "I did the CARTEN bike ride," he said. "It was about 23 degrees, it was a warm one. I had the factor 50 on my bald spots as well. I managed to survive that and then I had to get down to the Stadium for the Joseph's Smile charity match that I promised I would do.

"I was late. I got there at half-time, cameo role. Got on and lucky enough to have the pleasure of playing in the stadium again. Good crowd down there which was nice. I got clattered by Roman Kemp and dislocated my finger, which is not one of the highlights of my sporting career to be honest with you! Then pulled my hamstring. But we won 2-0 so that was the main thing."