BBC Outnumbered set to return as original cast reunite after nearly a decade off air

-Credit: (Image: Hat Trick)

It's been a long eight years since the Brockman family last graced our screens, but fans of the BBC sitcom Outnumbered are in for a festive treat as the show is set to return with a Christmas special this year.

The one-off episode will see the original cast, including Hugh Dennis as the father Pete, Claire Skinner as mother Sue, and their on-screen children Tyger Drew-Honey, Daniel Roche, and Ramona Marquez, reprising their roles.

Creators Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton are at the helm once more, writing and directing the special which will catch up with the Brockman kids, now grown up, with one even having a child of their own. The family reunion for a traditional Christmas is thwarted by a series of comedic mishaps involving fate, neighbours, hyenas, and bus replacement services.

The BBC announced the much-anticipated return of the hit sitcom during its comedy festival in Glasgow. Comedy chief Jon Petrie expressed his enthusiasm, stating: "Outnumbered is one of the crown jewels of British sitcoms. We're so grateful to Guy, Andy, Hattrick, and the cast for dusting it off and putting it back on display."

Hugh Dennis, reports the Mirror, expressed his excitement about the reunion: "I can't wait for the Brockmans to be back together again. Pete and Sue have downsized, the children are no longer children, but I'm sure family life will prove to be just as chaotic as ever."

Claire Skinner also shared her enthusiasm: "I'm really looking forward to being reunited with my TV family. Working on this wonderful BBC comedy doesn't feel like work and is one of the greatest joys for us all."

Outnumbered, which aired five series from 2007 to 2014, was known for its blend of scripted and semi-improvised scenes featuring the children. The show has only returned for a special once before, during Christmas 2016.

Jon Petrie also issued a call to action for UK producers to deliver more mainstream comedy, saying: "Mainstream comedy is what viewers love best. It's written right through our comedy heritage and is so close to our hearts. It can tell our stories and bring us together like nothing else. That's why audiences and critics feel so passionately about it and have such a strong sense of ownership."

He further encouraged risk-taking in the creation of new sitcoms, adding: "We want producers to take risks and create the next generation of classic sitcoms and immortal characters that audiences will keep returning to for decades to come."

Highlighting a concern within the industry, Petrie remarked: "The truth is we're still not getting pitched enough of the comedy we need to keep people happy...If our comedy eco-system is shrinking, then it's on all us to fight for the right of UK mainstream comedy to exist."

In a humorous plea for rejuvenation, he concluded: "The sitcom isn't dead but it needs a couple of Berocca. And a black americano with two sugars. We're asking you to do something really ambitious and help save our sitcom. It's what audiences want to see."

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