BBC police drama Blue Lights confirmed for two more seasons

martin mccann, sian brooke, blue lights season 2
BBC's Blue Lights gets two more seasonsBBC

The BBC has confirmed the future of hit police drama Blue Lights.

The procedural stars House of the Dragon's Siân Brooke and newcomers Katherine Devlin and Nathan Braniff as probationary officers working for the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The show is already gearing up for the launch of its second season, but now Director of BBC Drama, Lindsay Salt, has confirmed two additional seasons are in the works as well.

"Last year, Blue Lights came to our screens… A relatively new cast, a Belfast location and the first returning series for writers Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson," Salt said in her content announcement today (February 21).

nathan braniff, katherine devlin, blue lights season 2

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"Some might have questioned whether it was going to connect with audiences in every part of the UK. Well, it did: it launched to more than 7 million viewers and was in the top ten new drama series for 2023 across all broadcasters and streamers.

"And when it came to episode three – in the harrowing scene where a father takes his teenage son to be kneecapped by appointment, some might have worried that audiences would retreat.

"But the reality was the precise opposite. Viewers found that moment important and necessary. It was authentic storytelling at its best and the people watching could feel that."

The upcoming second season jumps ahead one year from the fall of the McIntyre gang, as the three probationary officers continue to make strides in their careers.

The trio must put their professional and romantic entanglements to one side when a young loyalist threatens to ignite a gang war that could engulf Belfast.

martin mccann, sian brooke, blue lights season 2

Newcomers in the second season include Frank Blake (Normal People) as the new constable, Seána Kerslake (Bad Sisters) and Dan Gordon (Bloodlands), among several others.

The show has earned huge acclaim for its unflinching depiction of policing, including a nomination for Best New Drama at the 28th National Television Awards and a similar nod at the TV Choice Awards.

Blue Lights is expected to return for its second season this spring on BBC One and the BBC iPlayer.

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