BBC Pull QI Episode Featuring Jeremy Clarkson

The BBC has postponed an episode of QI featuring Jeremy Clarkson to avoid being criticised for putting him back on air so soon after his contentious comments on the strikes.

The programme was filmed over the summer but the channel said, in light of the recent events, some of his comments might be taken out of context.

In a statement, the BBC said: "It is not unusual for the running order of programmes to change. The billed episode of QI will be shown at a later date."

The Top Gear presenter appeared on BBC1's The One Show after the strikes last month and said the public sector workers should be "executed in front of their families".

His comments prompted more than 30,000 complaints from viewers.

It is not the first time Clarkson's outspoken views have landed him in trouble but his strong opinions have boasted his profile over the years.

Two days after his rant about the protesters, the 51-year-old became embroiled in further controversy after calling people who throw themselves under trains "selfish".

Since the TV star hit the headlines, his new DVD Powered Up has had bumper sales, according to HMV.

Clarkson was due to appear on the Stephen Fry QI series on Friday alongside Ross Noble, Dara O'Briain and regular panellist Alan Davies.

The show, which was recorded over the summer, was being replaced by another edition of the popular quiz show.

Francine Clarkson, the presenter's wife and manager, told Sky News she was not aware of the change in schedules.