BBC Radio 2's new music quiz slated by listeners who call it 'dreadful'

Ken Bruce’s PopMaster has been replaced with a new weekday quiz after he left the station

Gary Davies - BBC Radio Presenter (BBC/Ray Burmiston)
Gary Davies - BBC Radio Presenter (BBC/Ray Burmiston)

BBC Radio 2’s new weekday pop quiz has come under fire from listeners who have called it “garbage”.

Ten To The Top replaced PopMaster on the station, following the departure of Ken Bruce.

The veteran broadcaster signed off last week and is moving to Greatest Hits Radio, taking PopMaster with him.

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So on Monday (6 March), replacement DJ Gary Davies – who is filling in until new host Vernon Kay takes over - introduced the new game.

It sees players asked 10 questions, with the first question worth one point, the second question worth two points, all the way up to 10. If a question is answered incorrectly, the value of the following question goes back to one point and the accumulator begins again.

Ken Bruce has left BBC Radio 2. (BBC)
Ken Bruce has left BBC Radio 2. (BBC)

However, the quiz left fans scratching their heads, with one joking that it was "Poundland PopMaster".

“Well no offence to Gary Davies but that was shocking," one tweeted.

"Who decided that would be a good idea?? #tentothetop is more of a TV show than radio quiz theme song to start and jingles, I mean tacky doesn't cut it. The joker means no playing along at home and scoring is stupid.”

“I do like Gary Davies, bless him, but this new quiz is just awful!!” said somebody else.

One listener asked: “What is this garbage on Radio 2? Don't mind Gary Davies but absolutely no point in having a quiz which is like a Poundland Popmaster.”

Vernon Kay is taking over from Ken Bruce. (PA/Alamy)
Vernon Kay is taking over from Ken Bruce. (PA/Alamy)

Another person said the game was “a total farce” and one called it "dreadful".

However, not everybody agreed.

"Loving today's quiz," posted one listener.

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"Prefer it to PopMaster! I'm staying put. Love Gary Davies AND Vernon Kay."

Bruce announced in January that he was leaving after 31 years on air, and last week it was confirmed that Kay would take over.

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