'Help, I'm locked in my own kitchen!' Listen to Radio 5 Live's bizarre call from listener

It was not your ordinary radio call-in show.

When a listener phoned the BBC Radio 5 Live’s Emma Barnett show on Thursday, she revealed she had a big problem – she was locked inside her home after a dodgy handle fell off a door.

The listener, known only as Chrissie, called in to say she could not get out of her own house, and the drama quickly became stuff of radio legend.

Listeners were so gripped by Chrissie’s plight to get free from her house that they even created a hashtag – #freechrissie – as she remained a prisoner.

The unlikely story unfolded when Chrissie phoned into the daily show.

‘I am completely stuck, so I am stuck in my kitchen,’ Chrissie told the BBC host.

‘The internal door to my house has had a really dodgy handle on it for five years, which we have all been managing and now it’s completely given up the ghost and I can’t get out of my kitchen.’

Emma Barnett replied: ‘Oh no! Hang on, we need to get you out Chrissie, you are just locked in listening to 5 Live.’

‘I am totally locked in,’ added Chrissie.

She said there was no side or back access to the kitchen, her front door keys were in the hall and that she had messaged her family and friends – and received no replies – so was stuck.

‘No one’s replied to me,’ added Chrissie.

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She then said her only hope was to try and climb over a back wall to get out.

But help came in the form of a listening locksmith named Phil, who phoned in to suggest she should cut up an ice cream tub to use on the broken handle to break out.

And around one hour Chrissie phoned the show again with some good news.

‘I’ve done it! I’ve done it,’ she said.

‘I did it with the ice cream tub but I had to double up and had to put a little bit of cardboard in the middle and then finally, with a lot of wiggling and giggling, it finally opened it.’

By way of celebration the show played ‘Freedom’ by George Michael.

Later, a picture of Chrissie out celebrating her freedom with friends and a glass was posted on Emma Barnett’s Twitter site.

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