BBC The Repair Shop hunt Glasgow residents with 'treasured' items that need restoring

The Repair Shop are looking for Glaswegians to take part.
-Credit: (Image: Guy Levy/PA Wire)

Glaswegians are being invited to apply for BBC's The Repair Shop where they must submit a 'treasured' item in a state of disrepair for it to be restored to its former glory.

Production company Richochet, the team behind the hit programme which sees a team of Britain's most skilled and caring craftspeople rescue and resurrect items their owners thought were beyond saving, are calling on Glasgow residents to apply for the new series.

Applicants must be aged 18 and over.

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A spokeswoman for Richochet said: "We're looking for personal treasures in need of restoration in the community, with an aim to return them to their former glory and also source local crafting heroes to celebrate.

"As part of the series we are looking for special items that hold significance to individuals within the community and showcase skilled craftsmen or craftswomen with a passion for their craft."

Find out more on how to apply or nominate a special crafts person here.

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