BBC Saturday Kitchen defended over 'dreadful' guest who 'doesn't belong on cooking show'

BBC Saturday Kitchen has been defended by fans after some viewers cruelly complained over a "dreadful" guest on Saturday morning. The BBC show, hosted by Matt Tebbutt, aired from 10am til 11.30am on Saturday April 13 and saw Mel B in the studio.

After Mel B came under fire for her antics on the programme, fans rushed to defend her, and praised her for raising domestic violence awareness. One Twitter/X user wrote: "Watching @SaturdayKitchen with @OfficialMelB - she is still the most honest powerful woman and now sharing her story of abuse will help so many."

Louise wrote: "Really difficult listening to Mel B talking about her abusive relationship on #saturdaykitchen but as she says, it’s so important to verbalise what happened to her. She seems to have come out the other side thankfully."

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"I really shouldn't have looked at the #SaturdayKitchen comments today - plenty of awful misogyny, depressing victim-blaming crap and reasons why feminism is still necessary... - Georgia," said another. Another typed: "Yes we were sorry we looked at some of the comments too, but good for @SaturdayKitchen #SaturdayKitchen in letting @OfficialMelB be herself, tell her story & promote her book regardless of "what time of day it is"!"

Another chimed in saying: "I listened to your time on @SaturdayKitchen this morning. Very inspirational. As someone who works at court specifically with domestic violence cases, I admire your strength and resilience."

Munching Matilda said: "Mel B is a delight on #SaturdayKitchen - funny, smart and an amazing domestic violence campaigner. As much as I love a good carbonara, I hope she gets her food heaven. - Georgia" It came after one critic said: "The guests you have on are not good for a cookery show. Some weeks are great but this week...gobby woman who loves herself. #saturdaykitchen not a good combo for a Cookery show!"

Another said: "What an obnoxious, rude guest Mel B is. Full of her own self importance and acts like something she's not. You can't buy class! (she lived way beyond her means hence the financial problems). I won't be buying her book."

"Well done Mel B! Keep up the good work! #saturdaykitchen #MelB" another said. Another sniped: "Dreadful guest. Disruptive and rude, thinking she’s being funny. Once I’d watched Niklas its was a no from me, switched off" Another commented: "Mel B banging on about domestic abuse on a cooking show. It just happens she's promoting a book ffs, it's Saturday morning ffs do it Norton or Ross not a cooking show."