BBC Spent release date, plot and cast list as Michelle de Swarte leads comedy drama

bbc two spent release date cast plot
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BBC's Spent is an upcoming comedy-drama starring some familiar faces but when will it begin?

Coming from the mind of actress and comedian Michelle de Swarte, Spent sees her character Mia, a washed-up catwalk model, try to adapt to a life of poverty, much to her dismay.

As the countdown until its debut begins, here's all there is to know about BBC's Spent.

When is the release date for Spent?

Spent is a six-part comedy-drama about a former catwalk model who is now broke.
Spent premieres its first episode on Monday, July 8, at 10pm on BBC Two -Credit:BBC

Spent is going to premiere its first episode on Monday, July 8, at 10pm on BBC Two.

There are six 30-minute long episodes in total with a single new instalment coming out in the same time slot every week.

This means that the final episode, as long as there are no changes to the schedule, is on Monday, August 12.

If you're not keen on waiting that long to find out what happens, all episodes are going to be made available to watch from July 8 on BBC iPlayer.

What is the plot of Spent?

Mia is a former catwalk model who now finds herself broke and sofa surfing with her career over as she nears 40.

According to the BBC: "She may have a highfalutin' attitude and a world class skincare regime but Mia's now living on the breadline".

While she may have come from humble beginnings, Mia has very much grown accustomed to the finer things in life that she can now no longer reach.

Who is in the cast of Spent?

Behind the ex-model in Spent is actress Michelle de Swarte who had a successful modelling career herself, working for the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Cartier.

She has since turned her hand to comedy, appearing on Live At The Apollo, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Sky Atlantic's The Baby and Netflix's The Duchess with Katherine Ryan.

De Swarte will be joined by Am I Being Unreasonable's Juliet Cowan as Mia's oblivious mum Chrissy. Other co-stars include Scott and Bailey's Delroy Brown, Bad Girls' Victoria Alcock and The Power's Alaa Habib.