BBC Strictly Come Dancing winner flooded with support in personal challenge

Strictly Come Dancing champion Hamza Yassin has received a wave of support after sharing his latest personal challenge with fans.

The 34-year-old wildlife cameraman and CBeebies presenter, who clinched the BBC One dance show title in 2022 with partner Jowita Przystal, is on a mission to shed some pounds in time for the festive season.

The star took to Twitter, to post an inspiring video following a workout session in his home gym. Drenched in sweat but beaming with determination, he shared his objective with his 53,000 followers. He wrote: "There you go. Workout done for the day in the home gym. Instead of hot girls summer, it's gonna be hot boy winter. I'm getting ready for Christmas dinner and New Year's."

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Strictly Come Dancing winner supported as he opens up on fresh challenge for 'hot boy winter' -Credit:Hamza Yassin Twitter

He continued, outlining his strategy: "So work hard now, so I can eat as much as I can come winter. Hopefully there's people out there enjoying it. If you are exercising and having a home gym, put a comment below."

He also asked his fans to share their fitness goals, revealing his own: "Home Gym exercises, and what are your goals? Mine is to hit 100 kilos hopefully.", reports the Manchester Evening News. "So we'll see. I've got a bit of work to go. See you all soon."

Alongside the video, Hamza encouraged his followers to join him on this journey, writing: "What are you goals! ! ! Mine is to reach 100kg by Christmas, and get fit again. Join in and let's support each other! #homegym."

The comments quickly poured in. @Audfromthewest said: "Good luck, if you can put us as much flair and commitment as you do to your wonderful wildlife camera work, you'll manage it! I shall think of you when I hit the gym each morning! " @carolfntn wrote: "Good luck..keep dancing too you were amazing."

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@lMrsBrand replied: "I think you are so dedicated to everything you do - you are sure to succeed! " @UncleBernie3 posted: "You gotta keep dancing. I'm at least twice your age. You've inspired me, so it's my turn to get you moving."

@kittycat542 added: "You look amazing now and will look amazing in winter." But when @LizCorps said: "I'm with you Hamza, but it gets harder to lose weight as one matures! ! However, keeping fit by various types of exercise helps! Didn't your wonderful dance routines help? ? " Hamza replied: "You're very right liz. I can feel how much harder it is to stay fit now that I'm a little bit older. My dance routines and dancing alone is not the same without Jowita. But I still keep dancing."

This comes after Hamza and Jowita, 29, were spotted enjoying a reunion back in June when they went, along with Janette Manrara, to watch Nadiya Bychkova and Kai Widdrington in their own show. They also reunited in May, with Hamza going to watch Jowita while she was touring with her co-stars in the Strictly Come Dancing The Professionals tour.

Jowita Przystal took to Instagram to share a selfie with Hamza Lamin, adding: "#friendsforlife. Thank you so much for coming last night. Hope you enjoyed it ! Until next time partner," a sentiment to which Hamza responded by saying: "I loved the show. I sooo wanted to get up on stage and dance with you guys. Until next time indeed."

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