Doctor Who actor Ncuti Gatwa’s name changed to offensive phrase in YouTube video subtitles

BBC's YouTube subtitles changed Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa's name to an offensive phrase. (BBC/YouTube)
BBC's YouTube subtitles changed Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa's name to an offensive phrase. (BBC/YouTube)

A subtitling fail on a BBC YouTube account left new Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa's name autocorrected to a sweary phrase.

Gatwa, who is due to take over as the Time Lord in 2023, recorded a Doctor Who explainer video where he introduced himself and offered a Q and A guide to what the show is about for those not familiar with it.

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However, the subtitles on the YouTube video autocorrected his opening sentence to the words: "Hello, I'm s****y gatsworth" with the caption appearing on screen.

The video's subtitles have since been corrected.

They had already been entered as the correct subtitle "I'm Ncuti Gatwa" on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel, which shared the video too.

On Sunday, viewers of BBC centenary episode The Power of the Doctor were surprised to see that outgoing Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker regenerated into former Doctor David Tennant - whom played number Ten - rather than Gatwa as expected.

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Tennant will continue as the Fourteenth Doctor for three special episodes in November 2023, with Gatwa due to take over as the Fifteenth Doctor over the festive period in 2023.

Catherine Tate will also return alongside Tennant as the Doctor's companion in the specials.

Ncuti Gatwa's first scenes were glimpsed. (BBC)
Ncuti Gatwa will take over as the Doctor in 2023. (BBC)

There was controversy over the regeneration scene this week, which was filmed at Durdle Door in Dorset, when owners of the Lulworth Estate who granted filming permission complained that they felt they had been misled over how the scenes would look.

It appears that Whittaker and Tennant are on top of the limestone arch at the beauty spot, and although the actors did not actually climb onto the arch, the estate are concerned that enthusiastic fans might try to recreate the scene by making the dangerous, prohibited climb themselves.

David Tennant made a surprise return to Doctor Who. (BBC)
David Tennant made a surprise return to Doctor Who. (BBC)

James Weld of the estate claimed that the filming request had been misleading and said: "We are disappointed that the BBC chose not to be honest with us when seeking our permission and have written to the BBC requesting that they provide us with an explanation about what we regard as a duplicitous and dishonest request to film.

"We are considering whether the BBC should now be prevented from filming at Lulworth in the future.

"Neither the Tardis nor the Doctor were actually on the top of Durdle Door, but this would not necessarily be accepted by viewers and has now increased the difficulties we continue to have regarding the safety of visitors to Durdle Door."

A BBC spokesperson responded: “Doctor Who’s centenary special regeneration scene was a tightly kept secret.

"Although we were granted permission to film with a drone we weren’t asked how the location would be portrayed on screen.

“We truly felt that this dramatic scene is one that the Doctor Who audience would come to expect from the show.”

The BBC has been contacted for comment.