BBC The Traitors winner Harry Clark 'wanted to end it all' after hitting rock bottom

Harry Clark won the competition
Harry Clark opened up on a tough time in his life a few years ago -Credit:BBC

BBC The Traitors star Harry Clark has candidly admitted how his life a few years ago hit "rock bottom" as the former soldier reveals he is seeking to help others after feeling suicidal himself.

The 23-year-old, who became the talk of the nation after winning the murder mystery gameshow, hopes his newly found fame can help younger people struggling with mental health. Two years ago, Harry admitted he found himself "in the darkest place".

Harry made the decision to leave the army behind and pursue a career in television following his success, after he won the eye-watering £95,000 prize on the BBC show. He's already signed up with a showbiz agency and appeared on comic relief.

However, the young star insists fame won't get the better of him. He told the Mirror: "At around 21, I went through a bad time. I was in the darkest place you could possibly be. I had feelings of wanting to end it all. I was quite an angry kid. But the Army moulded my characteristics and made me the man I am today.

"I began facing my emotions and learned to give myself time to be angry and sad. I started to set myself time limits to process my feelings. Afterwards, I’d tell myself I couldn’t waste any more time being angry or upset."

Harry Clark
Harry successfully convinced fellow contestant Mollie that he was a Faithful, and won the £95,000 jackpot -Credit:PA

Harry explained the dark moments made him "value life," as he continued: "I had a realisation that time is the most important thing and I didn’t want to waste it.

"In the Army, I was that guy people would talk to. All I want to do is help. It’s a lonely world and it’s easy to be blinded by mental health."

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He has teamed up with the Environment Agency on its Spring Fishing Licence campaign to promote angling’s benefits - and aims to bring people together through a fond time in his childhood. "I enjoy the relaxation and being able to escape reality. It’s an amazing time to talk," he said.

Explaining he's had some of his deepest life chats with best pal Harry Browne when the pair have a rod in hand, Harry added: "He’s dealt with his emotions by talking and offloading to me while fishing.

"Talking has made me believe in manifestation. Before The Traitors, I’d tell him I was going to make it out of Slough and make my family money. I didn’t know how – but now I have."

Referring to his win on The Traitors as "mindblowing", Harry said: "My feet still haven’t touched the ground. When it aired, I was still working. Then people started recognising me in the street. My end goal has always been a big house where all my family can come for Christmas."

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