BBC viewers left furious after Great Expectations ending changed for final episode

The latest adaptation saw the storyline drift away from author Charles Dickens’ original vision

Great Expectations,Generic Portraits,Miss Havisham (OLIVIA COLMAN),FX Networks,Pari Dukovic
Great Expectations stars Olivia Coleman as Miss Havisham. (BBC)

BBC viewers were left furious after viewing the conclusion to the broadcaster’s latest adaptation of Great Expectations.

The dramatisation of the famed Charles Dickens novel came to an end on Sunday 30 April - but changed the ending of the classic tale.

Steven Knight’s version of the story saw Olivia Colman star as the legendary Miss Havisham, with Dunkirk star Fionn Whitehead appearing as Pip.

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Fans of the original plot have already heavily criticised the changes made to the story - ranging from the inclusion of an opium addiction to sado-masochism.

While the show started strong with 4.4million viewers, the penultimate episode saw a 2million viewer drop in the ratings.

While Dickens crafted the tragic death of Miss Havisham as his ending to the tale, the new version saw her set her dress alight but escape unscathed as she carried out a twisted revenge plot.

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After the dress went up in flames Miss Havisham was seen defiantly announcing: “I am stronger than you. I am stronger than this house. I am stronger than fire.”

Fuming viewers then took to Twitter to rant about the ending with one writing: “What an abomination? The only way to describe BBCs Great Expectations. The last episode they even changed the ending.”

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Another ranted: “Why? Why? Why. Total RUBBISH... Why would anyone think that changing the ending of Great Expectations would be a good idea?!... Right, I avoided Dickens for years. Finally read Great Expectations and bloody loved it. It is a PERFECT story. Why the hell would they change it??? And this ending?? Utter b*****ks.”

Great Expectations
Miss Havisham, Pip, Estella in the latest Great Expectations adaptation. (BBC)

A third posted: “It isn't right to ruin the ending of a famous novel. It makes a mockery of the story if Pip and Estella aren't reunited in the end. Dickens himself realised that. 3 times the BBC have ruined GE adaptations.”

A fourth social media user offered: “@bbc once again throws up its arrogance in an appalling adaption. Shame... BBC 1 so-called Great Expectations is actually poor expectations. Utter rubbish. A waste of licence payers' money.”