BBC's Clive Myrie leaves Election viewers 'gobsmacked' with bizarre Angela Rayner question

BBC's Clive Myrie and Laura Keunssberg
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

It took just minutes of him hosting Election coverage for presenter Clive Myrie to leave viewers at home 'gobsmacked' with a question he fired at Labour's Angela Rayner, as some compared him to Alan Partridge.

Well respected broadcaster Clive, who was in Ukraine for the BBC at the height of the conflict in Ukraine and is also known for hosting Mastermind, was teamed with political editor Lauren Keunssberg to lead late night coverage of the General Election, with the show beginning with the reveal of an exit poll which showed a massive landslide for Labour and a huge decline in the number of seats for the Conservatives.

Labour Deputy Leader Angela was one of the first guests to be interviewed as the BBC began its Election all nighter. Despite the prediction of a massive win for her party, Angela claimed that she wasn't 'counting her chickens' but, quick to react, Clive shot back: "You say you're not counting your chickens, what kind of chickens might that be? What kind of chickens would you like to see in a future job description in a Kier Starmer government?"

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It didn't take long for social media to react to Clive's bizarre question, with one taking to X to post: "Laura Kuenssberg is HATING every second of this. Clive Myrie just asked Angela Rayner about chickens. It’s already a very strange night," with a second posting: "Clive Myrie going full Partridge with Rayner: "You say you're not counting your chickens, but what kind of chickens might they be?"

Clive came in for some praise moments later for his no nonsense grilling on Conservative minister Steve Baker, who faced some awkward questions as he was predicted to be soundly beaten to his seat.