Is BBC's Lost Boys and Fairies based on a true story? Viewers in tears at new drama

BBC's Lost Boys and Fairies
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

It's the new TV drama that has got everyone talking and many viewers in tears and there's one burning question many people who've watched Lost Boys and Fairies have as it comes to an end on Monday night - is it based on a true story?

Arriving on BBC One on Monday, June 3, the three part series has become a huge tropic of discussion on social media, as fans wax lyrical about just how much of an emotional impact it's had on them, with many others heaping on praise on both the drama itself and the cast.

The show focuses on gay couple Gabriel and Andy's journey to adoption, as they navigate the possibility that they could be parents, as well as realising things about their own relationship and, in Gabriel's case, how things from his past have shaped his behaviour and feelings in the present day, with him crippled by shame, doubt and a lack of self worth.

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Rest assured, this is a spoiler free zone, but Lost Boys and Fairies takes viewers on a real emotional rollercoaster, with tragic twists, loads of moving moments and some scenes that will have you needing a massive supply of tissues. And, given the success of the show and the strength of feeling surrounding it, many viewers have been left wondering if it's actually based on real life events.

Is BBC's Lost Boys and Fairies based on a true story?

It is inspired by the very real experiences of its writer Daf James, who decided to adopt with his husband eight years ago. He told the BBC: "When we went through this process my world changed forever as a human, but also as an artist. I felt like I hadn't seen adoption represented authentically on screen, so it's something I feel really passionate about bringing to the television"

He continued: "That first year after adopting my kids was a challenging period because I went through so many emotions and feelings. My identity completely shifted; my frames of reference in this world shifted. I wanted to be able to put all of those things into a story."

Revealing what viewers will see on screen in Lost Boys and Fairies isn't fully based on his life, Daf added: "Though I draw from lived experience, I always adapt story. The themes and emotions resonate with my life but it’s not my autobiography; and roles like Andy, Emrys and Jake aren’t depictions of my family"