Lost Boys and Fairies has BBC viewers in tears as emotional new drama breaks hearts

BBC's Lost Boys and Fairies
-Credit: (Image: BBC)


Viewers claim to have been left in floods of tears and 'emotionally broken' after rushing to binge Lost Boys and Fairies this week, with the new drama heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure.

The three part series tells the story of gay couple Gabriel and Andy's journey to adoption, as they navigate the possibility that they could be parents, as well as realising things about their own relationship and, in Gabriel's case, how things from his past have shaped his behaviour and feelings in the present day, with him crippled by shame, doubt and a lack of self worth.

The first episode of Lost Boys and Fairies aired on the BBC on Monday and, having been thoroughly invested from the get-go, many people headed straight to iPlayer to watch the other two parts. And to say that the show is an emotional rollercoaster is a HUGE understatement as what plays out will require to have a never-ending supply of tissues on standby.

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Having developed a bond with young boy Jake and received the approval of the adoption panel, Gabriel and Andy, played brilliantly by Sion Young and Fra Fee, look all set for the new life of parenthood that awaits them but, as they go out to celebrate, things take a deeply tragic turn, which throws everything into disarray; with lives spiralling out of control and serious concerns raised as to whether the adoption can still go ahead.

We've decided not to reveal just how things turn out but, we can promise you this, you WILL be in tears, as, judging by the social media reaction to Lost Boys and Fairies, nearly everyone who's watched it so far has cried their eyes out.

Talking about it on X, one viewer wrote: "Just finished Lost Boys & Fairies. Jesus wept. I'm a mess. Beautiful but f**kin ell" as another reacted: "new show Lost Boys and Fairies has me bawling my eyes out every 5 minutes absolutely brilliant TV"

Given the impact Lost Boys & Fairies has had so far, there are countless other posts about it on X, including one that reads: "Full on sobbing at lost boys & fairies. I was crying through episode 2 and then!!!! I’m not stable enough for this"