BBC's political editor's shocked one word reaction to general election 2024 exit poll

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-Credit: (Image: BBC)

After the release of the 2024 general election exit poll, the BBC's political editor Chris Mason had just one word to say about the results. The results, which show a landslide win for Labour, were released at 10pm on Thursday, July 4 moments after the polls had closed to voters.

Speaking directly to the camera Chris opened his analysis of the poll with just one word. He said: "Blimey." He then added: "Just take a look and take in those numbers. The Conservative party so often an election-winning machine looks pulverised tonight, taking in those numbers."

The polls show that Labour are expected to win with a majority of 170 seats. If the forecast is accurate, it means he will become prime minister with 410 Labour MPs.

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The Conservatives are predicted to reduce to 131 MPs, which would be the lowest number in post-war history. The Liberal Democrats are projected to have 61 MPs, Scottish National Party - 10 and Reform UK is forecast to get 13 MPs. For the latest analysis of the biggest stories, sign up to the Wales Matters newsletter here.

The Green Party of England and Wales is expected to double its number of MPs to two and Plaid Cymru are set to have four. Others are currently forecast to get 19 seats according to the exit poll.

Chris continued to explain that the exit polls are merely predictions but said: "In terms of the big story it looks very clear and we overuse words like historic, occasionally in journalism, I'll plead guilty to that but these numbers if they are broadly in line with where we find ourselves by breakfast time warrant that label." Clive Myrie added it was "historic" and "seismic".

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