BBC's Saturday Kitchen apologises for word mix-up on air

matt tebbutt, saturday kitchen
BBC's Saturday Kitchen apologises for word mix-upBBC

BBC's Saturday Kitchen has issued an apology after guest chef Poppy O'Toole made a NSFW word mix-up while live on air.

Appearing alongside Matt Tebbutt, Poppy was retelling how she got into making cookery videos when she made the unfortunate blunder, mixing up the words 'whim' and 'quim'.

"It all started when you were made redundant," Matt asked, referring to Poppy's hugely popular TikTok account which has over 4 million followers.

"It worked out very well," she replied, meaning to add that she had created the account on a whim, but instead used the X-rated word (which is an outdated slang term for genitalia) instead.

matt tebbutt, saturday kitchen

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Matt was quick to correct the slip-up, but not before Poppy could say the word several more times before asking: "What’s a quim?"

Matt moved on from Poppy's question, later issuing an apology to viewers for the use of NSFW language.

"You may have heard a word Poppy used a little bit earlier – she genuinely didn’t know what it meant," he said.

"I will explain to her, I promise, what it means after this show, so apologies for everyone who did know about that at home."

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Poppy took the slip-up in her stride, later posting a humorous video Twitter about the incident.

"I’ve just about recovered from this…" she captioned the clip.

Luckily, viewers at home were also able to see the funny side of the interaction, voicing their amusement on social media. "Best part of the morning so far? Poppy O’Toole on Saturday Kitchen saying 'on a quim' instead of 'on a whim'. And, having no idea what she’s just said," one person commented.

While another added: "Poppy O’Toole is my new hero."

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