The Traitors season 2 just confirmed its release date

the traitors season 2 confirmed its release date
The Traitors season 2 confirmed its release dateBBC

Claudia Winkleman's The Traitors is taking over our timelines right now, with viewers racing to find the contestants on social media, and praising the show online. Which leads to one big question: Is The Traitors on BBC going to get a season 2? Here's everything we know about a potential follow-up, from release date to cast.

The Traitors season 2 release date

While fans were desperately hoping the second season of The Traitors might land at the end of 2023, the BBC confirmed on 5th December that we can expect the new season in January.

In a press release, they shared, "The Traitors will launch on Wednesday 3rd January 9pm on BBC One, and episodes 2 and 3 will be available on iPlayer immediately after. Going forward the show will air Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights."

the traitors season 2 confirmed its release date

Previously, a tweet from Studio Lambert confirmed we can expect the new season early next year. Sharing a clip of a hooded figure, they confirmed on X (formerly known as Twitter): "You think you know how to play the game… you don’t #TheTraitors, coming to @BBCOne and @BBCiPlayer early 2024".

And before that, a release date update came in October 2023, before an episode of Strictly Come Dancing. The clip showed host Claudia Winkleman shush towards the camera while wearing the iconic Traitors robe, before text pops up which reads, "coming soon."

The show has always existed as a format in the Netherlands, but it wasn't until October 2021 that Studio Lambert commissioned the first season of the UK version, with Claudia Winkleman announced as host in May 2022 while filming was underway.

The 12-part series one was first released on 9th November 2022. Following that pattern, with the second season confirmed in February 2023, with filming taking place in the months following. Early 2024 couldn't come soon enough!

When was The Traitors season 2 confirmed?

Oh boy, has it! The BBC confirmed in a press release on the 27th February 2023 that a second season was on its way. " In news that will surprise no-one following the smash-hit first series, the BBC has confirmed that The Traitors will be returning for a second run," they revealed.

"The Traitors was the biggest new series for young audiences across all BBC titles last year, and the highest rating new entertainment series on the BBC since at least 2017 for young audiences,"

bbc's the traitors season 2 expected release date, contestants and more

The Traitors season 2 cast

The good news is, Strictly Come Dancing's Claudia Winkleman will also be back as host, adding in a statement, "I can’t wait to go back to the castle to watch people play the greatest game on television. I’m knitting a high funnel sweater immediately."

As for the contestants? Nothing has been announced about the application process yet, so it's unlikely we'll get a glimpse at who was heading to the Scottish Highlands any time soon. But the show has been praised for its diverse and inclusive casting, featuring people from all ages and backgrounds, so we're hoping the same can be said for the Faithful and Traitors of season 2.

What is The Traitors about?

The Traitors describes itself as the "ultimate game of truth and deception", which follows 22 contestants competing to win £120,000. Participants in season one were made up of 19 'Faithfuls' and 3 'Traitors', who were trying to figure out who fits into what category through interrogation and reading each other.

Each night, the Traitors choose to 'murder' a Faithful and take them out of the game, while the group are also given the opportunity to eliminate who they think is a Traitor at dinner each evening.

The winner is the Traitor/s who successfully goes undetected, or the Faithful/s who remain when all of the Traitors have been identified. Oh it's SO good.

the traitors viewers spot error in which gives away faithfuls

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