Beach near Bognor Regis cordoned off after WW2 sea mine found in the water

Elmer Beach at Bognor has been cordoned off after a Second World War sea mine was found (Picture: Getty)

A beach at a popular tourist hotspot has been cordoned off after a Second World War sea mine was found in the water.

Bomb squads have been called after explosive device was found in water off Elmer beach near the Sussex seaside town of Bognor Regis.

HM Coastguard said it was working with Sussex Police and a military explosives and ordnance team during the disposal of the mine.

In a statement it said: “Coastguard rescue teams from Littlehampton and Selsey along with Sussex Police are operating a cordon around the area overnight and today (Sunday) in order to prevent danger to the public.”

The metal object is thought to be a Second World War sea mine, similar to the one pictured above (Picture: Getty)

It added: “HM Coastguard are broadcasting to vessels in the area to avoid the immediate vicinity of Elmer Beach while the operation to dispose of the sea mine continues. It is likely that the mine will be towed out to sea for detonation.”

The Bognor Regis Observer reported that bomb disposal teams had confirmed the large metal decide was a German World War II sea mine, estimated to weigh about 1000 kilos.

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Nobody has been evacuated, the newspaper reported, but residents at houses in the nearby seafront have been advised to leave their windows open and to use only the rear part of the premises.

Chief Superintendent Jane Derrick told the paper that police are also asking other members of the public to avoid the area, whether on the beach itself or swimming or sailing offshore.