Bear Found 'Stunned' After Breaking Into and Destroying Car

A bear looked stunned when it was caught in the act in Cornwall, Connecticut, on Friday, April 29, after breaking into and destroying a woman’s car.

Video recorded by Cody Gillotti shows a police officer shining his flashlight directly at the “stunned” bear inside Gillotti’s mother-in-law’s car.

Gillotti told Storyful that he was at home when he noticed the lights from his mother-in-law’s car shining. Upon going outside to investigate, he discovered that something had also tampered with his truck.

“I had opened up my backdoor where my personal truck was parked,” he said. “I saw my driver’s side door open with my daughter’s car seat on the ground next to the door, I figured something was up. I took a quick peek down the hill, noticed there was fog and condensation on the windows of my mother-in-law’s car, and knew it wasn’t her.”

Gillotti said he then called police, who helped get the bear out of the car.

In a Facebook post, Gillotti said his mother-in-law’s vehicle was completely destroyed. The family have launched a GoFundMe page to get her back on the road. Credit: Cody Gillotti via Storyful

Video transcript