Bear Hops Fence in North Carolina Neighborhood

A bear checking out yards around Fayetteville, North Carolina, was recorded hopping a fence late at night on May 8, before disappearing into the distance, security footage shows.

Footage recorded off Hermel and Brenda Gordon’s Blink camera shows the bear moseying through their yard before hoisting itself over a fence in one quick motion.

“This bear was spotted on our security camera at 12:18 am on May 8, 2023. It must have jumped over my neighbor’s fence behind us or next door,” Hermel told Storyful. “It’s scary because we did not know bears are living in our residential neighborhood."

The couple told Storyful they made contact with the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission for guidance.

“An encounter with a bear can be a frightening experience,” Hermel said. Credit: Hermel and Brenda Gordon via Storyful

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