Bear Nicknamed 'Oreo' Ransacks Fridge in California Home

A bear nicknamed “Oreo” was filmed ransacking a fridge for desserts in a home in Monrovia, California, footage shows.

This home security footage was provided by Vina Khoury, who told Storyful that the bear snuck into her garage after her daughter left the door open.

The bear can be seen pulling an item out of the fridge, which was reportedly a chocolate cake.

Later, Khoury filmed video of the bear circling a car outside the home of one of her neighbors where it picked up a packet of Oreos off of the driveway and carried it away.

“It’s like ’I’m not leaving without my snacks’,” Khoury can be heard saying in the footage. Credit: Vina Khoury via Storyful

Video transcript

There some video.

Give us some.

Oh my God, I can see I'm stuck.

He's not even scared of it.

Ok, you're going back?

Oh, it's like I'm not leaving without my snacks.

Oh, that was funny.