Bearded builder dubbed a 'terrorist' by Prince Philip says: 'He was having a laugh'

A bearded man who Prince Philip referred to as a “terrorist” has reportedly said he’s not offended, saying: “He was having a laugh”.

Alaster Ashby, told The Sun he wasn’t offended by the comment made by the Duke of Edinburgh at Sandringham and said: “That’s just how he is.”

Alaster, 40, had been on his first visit to see the royal family at Sandringham on New Year’s Eve with his wife and two daughters when Philip reportedly said: “Is that a terrorist?”, apparently adding: “No terrorists today then”.

‘Having a laugh’ – Prince Philip apparently asked if bearded Alaster Ashby was a ‘terrorist’ whilst at Sandringham (Picture: PA)

The builder told The Sun: “He was just having a laugh and trying to be funny but I suppose some people don’t like that.”

Alaster, from Dersingham, Norfolk, told the newspaper he only started growing his beard three weeks ago.

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He added: “I’m definitely not a terrorist and definitely not a hipster.”

He has also apparently vowed not to shave his now-famous beard off.

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