Bearded Men More Likely To Fight, Cheat And Steal Says Survey


Bad news for hipsters: the beard is not only rumoured to be on the way out fashion-wise, but it’s also a key sign that a man’s likely to fight, cheat and steal.

According to a survey of nearly 2,000 UK consumers, there’s a direct link between longer facial hair and all of the above troublesome traits.

And in further shock news, the majority of women “don’t think a beard is a good look on a man” - in fact nearly half of all women “rule out dating a man with even a bit of bristle”.

The survey, commissioned by new video social network eva and carried out by Censuswide, found that 45 per-cent of men sporting facial furniture admitted to having been in a fight, compared to just 29 per-cent of their clean-shaven peers.

47 per-cent of beardy blokes also admitted to being unfaithful, while only 20 per-cent of those without facial hair made the same confession.

And when it came to stealing, the beards came off worse once again - 40 per-cent had a confession to make, compared to just 17 per-cent of their smooth-skinned rivals.

But the news that’s most likely to have hirsute hipsters reaching for the razor is that 62 per-cent of women who were asked if they thought a beard was a good look on a bloke said NO!


Fashion photographer and co-founder of eva, Jens Wikholm, said: “Fashion changes so quickly, the beard trend is one that comes in every decade or so, but we might be seeing the end of current beard cycle.

“It definitely seems that women prefer the clean shaven look and fashion will respond to that. Times change and trends shift, so men who want to stay on the bleeding edge of popular fashion might want to think twice before they let their facial hair get too long.”

In further bad news for beard-owners, 35-percent of women respondents said they’d favour a man with grey hair over a beard (grey beards are presumably a massive no-no).

As for the key issues faced by the ladies when it comes to bearded men? They’re unhygienic (44 per-cent) and they’re a potential place for food to linger (39 per-cent), in the style of Mr Twit…

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