The Beatles' White Album: How well do you know the lyrics?

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Fifty years ago today, the Beatles released one of the greatest albums of all time.

Technically self-titled, but affectionately known as the White Album, it was the most ambitious thing the band had ever released. Across the course of eight studio albums, Beatlemania had become a truly global phenomenon, seeing the four lads from Liverpool turn into the biggest rockstars the world had ever seen.

At first, the White Album seemed confusing. It was all over the place, lurching from riotous rock ‘n’ roll to obscure electronics, touching on a fair few musical bases in between. Over time, though, it revealed itself as the masterpiece it truly is.

So, how well do you know the album’s lyrics? Know your blackbirds from your piggies? Your helter skelters from your honey pies? Take our quiz to find out and, after that, read our piece on the five artists who had a massive influence on the album.