Beautiful European city named best for food that's overshadowed by popular neighbour

wide view of San Sebastian
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A beautiful European city has been named as the best place to eat in the world but you may not know it because its famous neighbour has always overshadowed it.

San Sebastian in the Basque region of Spain has been named the best food destination in the world according to Caterwings. Their ranking system took into account Product quality, diversity of cuisine, expert opinion and availability of vegetarian options as some of the factors when coming up with the list.

Yet many people who head to the North West of Spain go to visit its famous neighbour of Bilbao, the de facto capital of the Basque region famed for its football team and the Guggenheim Museum.

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The streets of San Sebastian
The streets of San Sebastian are beautiful -Credit:Getty

San Sebastian should be the destination to go as it has so much more than just great places to eat - it has the second most Michelin stars per capita in the world apparently - but it also has stunning architecture, a lovely beach and loads of places to drink.

Playa de la Zurriola is a big hit with many for its beauty but also its surf. It's an ideal spot to ride the waves in the city. The sandy beach stretches for 800 metres and is glorious and golden. There's a vintage carousel and its a popular spot with street performers too.

Loads of other beaches should not be missed too like Ondarreta Beach and La Concha Beach. La Concha has even previously been named as the best beach in Europe and Spain.

La Concha Beach in San Sebastian
La Concha Beach looking onto Mount Urgull -Credit:Melissa Tse Photography via Getty

The Old Town of San Sebastian is the second oldest neighbourhood in the city and at the foot of Mount Urgull. It has loads of bars and some great places to get pintxos or pinchos - a small bar snack that is small slices of bread with ingredients fastened to it by a toothpick. There's loads of amazing architecture and its bust and bustling with people.

Mount Urgull, which the old town is right next to, watches over the old quarter. It's the perfect lookout spot to cast your gaze over the city and take in the view. It used to be a military fortress so all the walls are steeped in history and offer the perfect mix of history and sightseeing.

Pinchos on a counter in San Sebastián, Spain. A typical snack of the Basque Country, pinchos are made of slices of bread topped by various ingredients held in place with a toothpick, which gives the food its name "pincho", meaning spike.
Pinchos are a must when in San Sebastian -Credit:Sergio Amiti via Getty

For modern culture, there is the Tabakalera which was a tobacco factory for 90 years. Now it is the centre for contemporary culture offering public activities and exhibitions. It is a beautifully renovated building that should be seen. There's a coffee bar at the ground level and a restaurant at the top too so refreshments are secured.

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