These Beauty Brands Are Among the World’s Most Innovative Companies

Innovation in beauty is what keeps many makeup and skincare enthusiasts engaged with the latest and greatest products in the industry. From diverse makeup lines to cutting-edge shower heads and top-of-the line skincare brands, Fast Company has officially chosen its most innovative and pioneering brands. These founders and their products are enhancing and changing the way we navigate our daily beauty routines. The chosen companies are also paving the way for a more advanced and inclusive industry for all.

Each of these brand founders has taken their passion, coupled it with a void they've seen in their respective industries and created solutions through their products. Below are the 10 beauty brands named in Fast Company's list of the world's most innovative companies.

Danessa Myricks Beauty

Danessa Myricks Beauty is no stranger to creating products that are inclusive of every beauty lover, no matter their complexion or skincare concerns. The brand's makeup line-up not only helps to enhance your natural features but also allows you to release your inner artist. The brand won for "creating highly pigmented, pore-blurring makeup for all skin tones."

Sol De Janeiro

The beloved Bum Bum Cream brand won for "creating a Supreme-like drop cycle that keeps Gen-Z fragrance devotees engaged." This cult classic company is beloved for its tropical-scented fragrances and hydrating lotions that instantly transport its customers to the beautiful island of Brazil.



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Sustainability is the name of the game for Kitsch, which was founded by Cassandra Thurwell at age 25. The brand wants you to go green with your beauty routine, as all of its packaging and products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Kitsch won for "setting the bar on packaging-free haircare."

Olive & June


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Calling all nail lovers to the front of the line, this polish brand has every single shade you can dream of. Olive & June is poised to be the go-to brand for all of your manicures and pedicure needs. The innovative nail brand was awarded for "making DIY press-on nails that feel like they're real."

B.A.I Biosciences


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This groundbreaking brand is described as "a new generation biotech company that is creating and commercializing innovative solutions to skincare problems," on its website. The founder cares deeply about merging science and skincare to create the most effective products, earning it a spot on the Fast Companies list for "reimagining sun care as age-reversing skin care."



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Caliray is the second beauty brand child of Wende Zomnir, the brains behind Urban Decay Cosmetics. Caliray is most known for its multi-use products, like a lip and cheek tint that'll add the perfect flush to wearers faces, and took the prize for "reminding beauty buffs that nothing needs to be disposed of."



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This brand is making scientific skincare cool and approachable. The company was founded by four female scientists who wanted to create anti-aging products they believed were actually effective and promoted skin rejuvenation. OneSkin was awarded most innovative for "killing off the dead cells that make skin look old."


Nail health is as important as skin and hair health, and Defenage Skincare is making sure everyone knows that. One of the brand's best-selling products is a rejuvenating nail root serum that became an instant hit for those with weak, brittle nails. The serum hopes to strengthen and revive customers nail beds and cuticles. Defenage was awarded for "reminding us that nails age too and offering a potion to reverse the visible signs."

Mother Science

Mother Science is most known for its breakthrough serum that treats dark spots and sun damage. The brand says the serum includes "malassezin, a breakthrough ingredient that is a 10x more powerful antioxidant than vitamin C." Mother Science won for "harnessing the chemical cause of hypopigmentation to address dark spots."

Jolie Skin Co.


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Did you know that heavily mineralized water in the shower or sink faucet can aid in drying out the skin and hair? Jolie Skin Co. wants to put a stop to that with its filtered shower heads. It's the brands star product which customers rave about after the first use. The brand's innovation award stems from "filtering our dirty shower water so we can have clean skin and shiny hair."

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