Beauty focus: Lymphatic drainage massage

Elle Macpherson recently wowed her fans on social media when she revealed the results of a lymphatic drainage massage.

The 56-year-old supermodel, who has the nickname The Body, recently shared close-up before and after pictures of her tanned stomach after having a non-invasive procedure from massage therapist Sheila Perez.

The popular treatment focuses on the body's lymphatic network of vessels and organs, which is a vital part of the immune system and gets rid of waste from our bodies.

The massage is performed in the central part of the body - the stomach and abs – in an effort to drain any water retention, and get rid of nasty toxins, as well as the dreaded bloated tum.

A lymphatic drainage massage has a temporary slimming effect, showcased by Elle's impressive abs, and could also help to beat fatigue, as well as boost your immune system.

Celebrity favourite Sheila Perez has a patented massage method, and she likened the one-of-a-kind treatment to non-invasive liposculpture.

"The Sheila Perez Method is unique. It is a massage treatment that shapes the body, significantly reduces and even eliminates cellulite and drains the body toxins. So you may call it manual liposculpture. It is a non-invasive method and without the use of any type of machines. The 'magic' is done only with my hands!" Sheila told People.

However, she warned the 60-minute treatment is "very strong", and some of her celebrity clients suffer from some soreness following the massage.

"But after a few sessions, when you get rid of the swelling and cellulite, you will hardly feel any pain. In the beginning, I usually recommend one session a week and after a month in general, once every two weeks," Sheila added.