Beckhams: Victoria Is Key To 'Brand Beckham'

Beckhams: Victoria Is Key To 'Brand Beckham'

David Beckham says farewell to his football career in the United States tonight, but "Brand Beckham" is continuing its meteoric American success story.

The former England captain will play his final game for LA Galaxy in their MLS Championship match against the Houston Dynamos at the Galaxy's Home Depot stadium.

He has already said he wants one more football challenge, with offers on the table from Australia, Russia, China as well as the Premier League. He is also expected to announce he will buy a football franchise in the US.

But the booming business interests of Beckham and his wife Victoria continue to be the talk of Hollywood.

From men's underwear to women's high fashion, "Brand Beckham" has defied those who thought the Brit couple would struggle to make it on the A-list.

Entertainment consultant Ruth Hilton told Sky News: "I think David Beckham has definitely reached the point of being a real celebrity here in America. And Brand Beckham has been a great success story in Los Angeles.

"But you really need to look at Victoria's success. I think everyone thought, when she was initially doing her fashion line, that maybe it was just a hobby, maybe it would be a flash in the pan.

"In this country in particular it has been hugely well-regarded.

"Women, major celebrities here, specifically ask for her gowns on the red carpet. She is within the fashion elite as well so together they have really been very successful here."

The couple are said to enjoy being able to lead reasonably normal lives in a city full to bursting with the most famous entertainment figures in the world.

There has even been speculation that Victoria will ask her husband to front a new men's fashion line she is planning.

Jennifer Chan, senior fashion editor for E! Online, told Sky News: "I don't have any confirmation of that project happening, but I do think that Victoria has garnered a huge fan base here as a fashion designer and obviously David is very popular.

"So if the two were to join forces in the fashion world I think it would go over tremendously well especially here in the States."

The buzz around Beckham's final appearance for the Galaxy has not even been dampened by dismal weather and torrential rain that have hit LA in the build-up to the game.

Bosses at Major League Soccer have credited the star with increasing interest in the league and are confident his legacy will improve the profile of the game in the country.

But it has not been without its rough moments. Beckham has clashed with fans, fellow players and rival coaches during his multimillion-dollar five-year career with the club.