Go behind the scenes of Ozzy Osbourne’s Rolling Stone UK cover shoot

Ozzy Osbourne (Picture: Rolling Stone UK)
Ozzy Osbourne (Picture: Rolling Stone UK)

Ozzy Osbourne has opened up on the early days of Black Sabbath and what it means to be an icon in a new behind-the-scenes video from his Rolling Stone UK cover shoot.

The metal legend, who won the first ever Rolling Stone UK Icon Award last month, opened up in a new interview shot at his home in Los Angeles.

“Tony Iommi went to my school but he was in a different year to me,” Ozzy reflected on the early days of Sabbath.

“He used to come to school with his guitar and play. We all lived in an area of like three miles of each other. I was in a band with Geezer called the Rare Breed.”

But the pair went on to form Sabbath after meeting with Bill Ward and Tony Iommi, who had folded their own band Mythology after getting busted for drugs.

“We got together and jammed out,” explained Ozzy.

The genesis of Sabbath, meanwhile, emerged after the group rehearsed across the road from a movie theatre – prompting Iommi to wonder if the group could take the fear of horror films and translate it into music.

All these years later, however, does Ozzy feel like an icon?

“It’s a lovely thing to happen, but I don’t know what to say! I’m honoured. Blown away I suppose. An icon is someone that people look up to. But don’t look up to me for any fucking advice! Because everyone I used to go party with, nearly all of them are dead!”

Ozzy is the cover star of Issue 14 of Rolling Stone UK, our Awards Issue. You can buy it here.