Bel-Air boss responds to question of more original character returns after season 2 cameo

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Bel-Air boss on more OG character returnsPeacock

Bel-Air boss Carla Banks-Waddles has revealed whether we will see more original characters return to the show after some of them made cameos in season 2.

The early episodes of season 2 saw the return of Tatyana Ali as Ashley’s teacher Mrs. Hughes. And now the showrunner has opened up about whether we will see anyone else from the cast make a cameo on the show.

Waddles confirmed to TVLine that Daphne Maxwell Reid will return this season as Janice. She also added that Reid is a "very big part" of Aunt Viv’s story and will "cause a little bit of trouble".

tatyana ali as mrs hughes , belair, season 2

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As for how the show managed to make Tatyana’s cameo happen, Waddles says it happened very organically.

"In the writers’ room, we talked about this character of Mrs. Hughes, this teacher who was very important to Ashley. Once we started talking about the character, then it became, ‘What if Tatyana Ali was that person?'" Waddles said.

"Knowing how important she was to the Banks family, knowing that Hilary would have had her as a teacher, that Carlton would have had her as a teacher, and now Ashley has her as a teacher, it just felt perfect," she added.

jabari banks , olly sholotan , belair, season 2

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The show’s executive producer Morgan Cooper also talked about how they had conversations with Will Smith to ensure they could integrate original castmembers into the show without it seeming too jarring.

"Will and I had conversations as we were developing Bel-Air [that] if there are organic moments where we can include some of the original cast in the Bel-Air universe, we should try to do that, but always in a way that felt organic and never forced," Cooper said.

Bel-Air also sees the return of Jackie. While OG Jackie didn’t have any romantic relationships with Will in the original iteration, there is definitely something more brewing between Will and Jackie in this one.

Bel-Air airs on Sky in the UK and Peacock in the US.

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