Belarusian sprinter lands in Poland after defying order home

Footage published on the official Facebook profile of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki showed the athlete walking out of a plane from Vienna and talking to Belarusian opposition politician Pavel Latushko and member of the Polish parliament Szymon Szynkowski Vel Sek.

Tsimanouskaya caused a furor on Sunday when she said coaches angry at her criticism had ordered her to pack and go to the airport. She refused to board a flight home and sought protection from Japanese police.

After two nights in Poland's embassy in Tokyo, the 24-year-old travelled first to the Austrian capital Vienna and then onto Warsaw, sporting sunglasses with the words "I RUN CLEAN."

Poland, which has long been critical of Lukashenko and harbored many activists from Belarus, has granted her and her husband humanitarian visas.