Belfast City Marathon road closures information across the city for 2024

The 2022 Mash Direct Belfast City Marathon gets underway with Stormont in the background
Belfast City Marathon -Credit:Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye.

Trainers are being set out and final training has been completed for race day Sunday in Belfast.

The Moy Park Belfast City Marathon marks its 42nd anniversary on Sunday, May 5 - taking off from Stormont and finishing at Ormeau Park.

A number of road closures will be in place across the city to facilitate the race so if you're planning on heading out to watch the race or planning a trip anywhere along the route, this is something you need to be aware of.

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In line with road closure legislation, a road closure order has been applied for with Belfast City Council for the Moy Park Belfast City Marathon and so motorists should expect some disruption.

Motorists are asked to follow diversion signs and take direction from stewards on the route.

Roads will start to close wholly or partially from around 6am until 4:30pm approximately.

Although once participants have passed points on the route, reopening of the roads will be managed as quickly as possible.

Full list of road closures for Belfast City Marathon 2024:

  • Massey Avenue Belmont Road - Stormont Estate 06.00-10.30 Full closure

  • Upper Newtownards Road Comber Road junction - Beersbridge Road 06.00-10.30 Full closure

  • Beersbridge Road Upper Newtownards Road -Castlereagh Road 08.30-11.00 Full closure

  • Castlereagh Road Outer Ring - Beersbridge Road 08.30-11.00 Full closure

  • Montgomery Road All 08.30-11.00 Full closure

  • Cregagh Road Greenway - Ravenhill Avenue 08.30-11.30 Full closure

  • Woodstock Road Ravenhill Avenue - Albertbridge Road 08.30-11.30 Full closure

  • Albertbridge Road Woodstock Road - East Bridge Street 08.30-11.30 Lane closure city bound

  • Ravenhill Road Albertbridge Road - Ormeau Embankment 07.00-11.30 Full closure

  • Ravenhill Road Rosetta roundabout - Ormeau Embankment09.00-16.30 Lane closure city bound

  • Ormeau Embankment All 06.00-16.30 Controlled local and event access will be maintained

  • Ormeau Road Rosetta roundabout - Ormeau Avenue 08.30-16.30 Lane closure country bound

  • Ormeau Road Ormeau Avenue - East Bridge Street 08.30-11.30 Full closure

  • Cromac Street All 08.30-11.30 Lane closure

  • Victoria Street May Street - Chichester Street 08.30-11.30 Lane closure

  • Chichester Street All 09.00-11.30 Full closure

  • Donegal Place All 09.00-11.30 Full closure

  • Castle Street All 09.00-11.30 Full closure

  • Queens Street All 09.00-11.30 Full closure

  • Wellington Place All 09.00-11.30 Full closure

  • May Street Cromac Street - Donegall Square South08.30-12.30 Full closure

  • Donegall Square South All 08.30-12.30 Full closure

  • Howard Street All 08.30-12.30 Full closure

  • Donegall Square North All 08.30-12.30 Full closure

  • Donegall Square WestAll 08.30-12.30 Full closure

  • Great Victoria Street Fisherwick Place - Bruce Street 08.30-12.30 Lane closure country bound

  • Great Victoria Street Bruce Street - Donegall Road 08.30-12.30 Full closure

  • Donegall Road All 09.00-12.00 Full closure

  • Donegall Road Entrance to City Hospital 09.00-12.00 Full closure

  • Glenmachan Street All 08.30-12.30 Full closure

  • Boucher Road Tates Avenue - Stockmans Lane 08.00-13.30 Full closure

  • Lislea Drive All 08.30-13.30 Full closure

  • Lisburn Road Lislea Drive - Kings Hall 09.30-13.30 Lane closure city bound

  • Lisburn Road Flyover 09.30-13.30 Full closure

  • Upper Lisburn Road Kings Hall - Finaghy Road North 09.30-13.30 Lane closure city bound

  • Finaghy Road North Upper Lisburn Road - Finaghy Park Central 09.30-13.30 Full closure

  • Finaghy Road North Finaghy Park Central -Andersonstown Road 09.30-13.30 Lane closure country bound

  • Andersonstown Road Finaghy Road North - Falls Road 09.30-14.00 Lane closure country bound

  • Falls Road Andersonstown Park - Glen Road 09.30-14.00 Lane closure country bound

  • Falls Road Glen Road - Broadway 09.30-14.00 Full closure

  • Falls Road Broadway - North Howard Street 09.30-14.00 Lane closure city bound

  • North Howard Street North Howard Street - Cupar way 07.00-14.15 Full closure

  • Cupar Way All 07.00-14.15 Full closure

  • North Howard Link All 07:00-14.15 Full closure

  • Northumberland Street All 09:30-14.15 Full closure

  • Shankill Road Millfield – Tennent Street 09.30-14.15 Full closure

  • Agnes Street All 09.30-14:30 Full closure

  • Crumlin Road Cliftonville Avenue - Hillview 09.30-14:30 Full closure- access to Mater Hospital maintained from Carlisle Circus

  • Oldpark Road Crumlin Road - Cliftonville Road 09.30-14:30 Lane closure city bound

  • Cliftonville Road Oldpark Road - Linden Gardens 09.30-14.30 Full closure

  • Antrim Road Cavehill Road - Duncairn Gardens 09.30-14.30 Full closure

  • Duncairn Gardens All 09.30-14.30 Full closure

  • North Queen Street Brougham Street - Carrick Hill 09.30-14.30 Full closure

  • Frederick Street All 09.30-14.30 Lane closure city bound

  • Great Patrick Street Great Patrick Street - Dunbar Link 09.30-14.30 Lane closure city bound

  • Dunbar Link All 09.30-14.30 Lane closure city bound

  • Waring Street All 09.30-14.30 Full closure

  • Albert Square All 09.30-14.30 Lane closure from Tomb Street

  • Victoria Street High Street - Waring Street 09.30-14.30 Lane closure

  • Donegall Quay All 09.30-15.00 Full closure

  • Bridge End Queens Quay - Queens Bridge 09.30-15.00 Full closure

  • Queens Bridge All 09.30-15.00 Full closure

  • Oxford Street All 09.30-15.00 Full closure

  • Lanyon Place All 09.30-15.30 Full closure

  • Mays Meadow All 09.30-15.30 Full closure

  • Sunnyside Street All 06.30-11.00 Full closure,Local Access maintained

  • Ravenhill Road Ravenhill Road - Rosetta roundabout 11.30-15.30 Local Access maintained

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