Bella Ramsey lands next lead movie role as infamous UK terrorist

Bella Ramsey has landed their next leading movie role playing an infamous terrorist.

According to Deadline, the Last of Us star has signed on to appear in Girl Next Door to play the terrorist known as The White Widow — who remains one of the UK's most wanted women.

Samantha Lewthwaite (aka Sherafiyah Lewthwaite) is the widow of 7/7 terrorist bomber Germaine Lindsay and has been linked to the deaths of more than 400 people. She has spent years on the run, with an Interpol Red Notice being issued for her arrest to extradite her for trial.

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This film version of The White Widow's story comes from writer-director Bruce Goodison, an established TV director who has worked on Doctor Foster, Born to Kill and Murdered by My Father.

A synopsis for the film, which is being shopped at the Cannes Film Festival, describes Lewthwaite as a 21-year-old who became radicalised and pulled into the dark world of terrorism.

"This film is about a young life-affirming idealist with a broken heart," director Bruce Goodison said. "Sam turns her grief into a strength that was then exploited by men for purposes of global terror. I just didn’t believe the hype – was Sam really the terrorist mastermind the press and anti-terror police would have us believe, or was there another truth? Her truth.

"I’ve written an unsettling mystery that asks how it might feel if the person you love and expect to share a life with goes out one day and commits an act of terror that challenges everything you hold dear. Sam goes on an odyssey that both consumes her and alters her. Little by little she is isolated and radicalised and it could be argued this was as a result of being rejected by us."

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Aside from their work in The Last of Us on the small screen, Bella has ventured into feature films by voicing Molly in Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget and landing the lead in the period drama Monstrous Beauty.

The Last of Us airs on HBO in the US, and on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW in the UK. Season 2 is in production.

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